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by Seth Wordsmith | Commercial, Voice Over, Narration, Characters, Podcasts, & More!


Erin Miller (Seth Wordsmith)

Erin Miller has many years of experience in voice acting and production.
He is a voice acting specialist focused on audiobooks, short stories, and character voices. Get a quote on your project today!

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Epitaph & Elegy

There are places in this world that serve as reminders of things hopeless and lost. Recesses of death and dread that swallow all light that dares wander too close. Yet some secrets, no matter how horrifically hidden, are too tempting to pass by. In…


Seth Wordsmith specializes in Audiobooks, short stories, animations, character voices, and podcasts. While these are his specialties, he’s open to exploring other creative ventures to best suit your needs.

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Client Reviews

“Erin went above and beyond to make my story come to life. He worked hard to get the tenor of the scenes and emotion of my characters right. It’s great to hear my story read aloud and come to life!”

David Reed


“His voices and characterization were spot on. Erin was easy to work with and took the time to get the pronunciations of each place name and the character names correct.”

Gabriel Rankin


“Choosing a narrator wasn’t easy, but Erin’s promptness and professionalism certainly helped ease the difficulty. Once we started the collaboration, I was amazed at how he went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

Bryan Caimi