Light a Candle written by Chris Holmes

by | May 1, 2022

“Good always wins over evil.” “Why?” “Well, because…it just does,” Nick stammered. “Otherwise the story would be pages of chaos and mayhem. The reader would have no empathy for the characters. It would be emotionless, brutal, no hope for salvation. Evil would win. That can’t happen.” Ruby sat, silent and expressionless, his piercing eyes riveted on Nick. The flow of perspiration seeping through Nick’s clothing increased. Ruby’s sudden burst of laughter shattered the uncomfortable pause. “That’s a debate we’ll save for another day.” Aspiring horror author, Nick Teravelli has just signed a contract with Ruby International Promotions, a prestigious agency with a reputation for skyrocketing clients to fame and fortune…or at least the ones who don’t die in the process.

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