Tales of the Machine War: Nephilim War Short Story by John Maldonado

by | May 30, 2024

If you’re left craving more after reading Shadows Within the Empire: Nephilim War Book 1, don’t worry! You can travel back in time to where it all began with Tales of the Machine War, Prequel .51. Get the inside scoop on your favorite characters and see how it all started. Edited by the amazing folks at The Foundry, available now.

Tales of the Machine War: Nephilim War Short Story

The Galactic Empire is losing the Machine War raging across a thousand worlds. Captain Devon Dark and Wraith Hyelin Frost are tasked with capturing the Machine’s Code Keeper Device to turn the tide, but the world it is located on is about to be razed, and Frost’s Kill Team must survive for the Empire’s counterattack.

At the Galactic Rim, War Commanders Jonas Ares and Ethan Wolfe face the rogue telepathic terror group, the Dark Minds. Jonas Ares’s actions during this mission lead to his rise as Lord Commander, but he struggles with his dark side, losing his humanity. Meanwhile, Lord Commander Vorian Black learns that agents of the Fallen, aided by the ancient Void Walkers, are building a planet killer, orchestrated by Cardinal Nolan Kraft. These events set the stage for the Nephilim War.

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