“I went through over 60 voice actors’ samples before I found Erin Miller and knew he would do a great job. His voice is so clean, clear, and confident that I could hardly tell between the draft segments and the final mastered version.

Erin went above and beyond to make my story come to life. He worked hard to get the tenor of the scenes and emotion of my characters right. It’s great to hear my story read aloud and come to life!”

David Reed
Author, Uphill and Into the Wind



“Erin Miller did a fantastic job bringing my short story, Mad City, to life. His voices and characterization were spot on. Erin was easy to work with and took the time to get the pronunciations of each place name and the character names correct. He was affordable and easy to get a hold of and communicate with during the whole process. If you are looking for someone to provide you with a great narration of your works, look no further.”

Gabriel Rankin
Author, Mad City



“Erin Miller narrated a collection of short stories I had written. It was great to hear my work read aloud and brought to life. Erin’s deep voice really brought out the dark settings. When characters spoke, it was cool to hear a different voice for each. I had never really thought of audio versions of my stories and had no idea how it all worked, but Erin made the process pretty easy. If you want your work to feel more alive, this is the route you want.”



“Choosing a narrator wasn’t easy, but Erin’s promptness and professionalism certainly helped ease the difficulty. Once we started the collaboration, I was amazed at how he went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Since it was my first time going for an audiobook, I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest to work with, as I wasn’t entirely too sure what I wanted until I heard it, and Erin excelled at providing that.”

Bryan Caimi
Author, The Unification of Paikmeriz



“When my first novel, Light A Candle, Chase the Devil Away won gold in a Florida statewide writing competition, my publisher wanted to have an audio book made.
We both listened to dozens of samples from narrators. Though most of the voices were pleasant, I found they became boring, tedious or monotone after a few paragraphs.

As the author, I had very specific ideas for the voices of my characters in my head. The second I heard Erin Miller’s audition tape I knew his was the voice I wanted for my book.

Never having done an audio book before, I wasn’t sure how the process worked. Erin is so easy to work with, a true professional with an instinctual feel for “performing the written word.”
I love the enthusiasm and positive energy he brings to the project.

When I listened to Erin’s audio telling of my story, I was blown away. Though I had written the story, Erin gave it a whole new life with his narration and kept me captivated listening to him throughout the entire novel.
I cried, laughed and more than once said, Wow, I wrote that? He makes it all sound amazing.

Erin has a deeper, confident voice with a lot of natural expression and perfect timing for when to add the right amount of emotion and inflection in his reading.
Unlike many of the narrators I had previously listened to, I never tire of listening to him.

Erin has also narrated three short stories of mine featured on his podcast, Betwixt the Veil. I offer him general descriptions of how I hear the characters speaking in my mind and Erin takes my suggestions to a whole new level.
He brings the characters to life.

When Erin sends me his recording to preview, I rarely have any changes—his first take is spot-on or better than I expected. He is excellent with accents (especially British) and regional dialects.
I have requested gruff, older voices, meek, nervous voices and even booming evil voices and Erin mastered them all. I love listening to his renditions of both my stories and others on his podcast.

Erin Miller is so much more than a narrator, he is a voice performance artist and if you’re planning an audio project, I can’t recommend Erin highly enough.”

Chris Holmes
Author, Light A Candle, Chase the Devil Away,
and other novels available on Amazon.com